Simple Ways to Free Your Mind in the Mornings

When, I’m ready for my work week each morning, I, first, need to start it off right with my cup of coffee to wake up and free my mind.


Isn’t that how it goes with most people each morning? It’s no surprise that the first thing most of us do to free our mind in the mornings in to have our morning coffee. There is nothing bad about that, but how many can say that, at times, we need to find other ways to free our minds in the mornings? Try these:

  1. Take a Cold Shower
  2. Exercise
  3. Take a Walk
  4. Meditate
  5. Eat a Good Breakfast

Take a Cold Shower – Taking a cold shower will wake you up like nothing else despite that you may get a shock. The benefit is that it also trains you to get out of your comfort zone because you know your day has just started.

Exercise –  Yes, exercise improves health, your state-of-mind, and productivity. Most people should know is that even a short workout in the morning can give you more benefits to free your mind longer.

Take a Walk – Walking outside, either down your street or in a park reduces stress, and it will make you more alert.

Meditate –  Slowly, take a deep breath. Meditation has been proven to have huge benefits such as increased focus. Give yourself 5 minutes, by sitting still in a chair or on a comfortable floor. Do not focus your mind on anything else during that time.

Eat a Good Breakfast – Many people can argue that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, eating breakfast right, gives you long-lasting energy and it can keep you healthy. You need to know the correct foods to eat in the mornings to make it work like, fruit, oatmeal, and whole-grains in bread.

Good luck with these steps. Over time, you will feel better and healthier.

Volunteer In Your Community

Who can take the time to assist someone in need in some way just inside their community?


Volunteers are important to many organizations as well as assisting so many people in need.

Volunteers serve in a wide variety of ways. They can come from tutoring people in all ages, placing calls, helping students with homework, and even being a mentor in some way who just needs a friend. Volunteering benefits by just spending time with people.

Volunteers perform great services for millions of people who struggle to meet their basic needs in many areas, not just in the United States, but worldwide. What is the favorite thing about volunteering? “It’s the thanks we get from those we help.

Being a volunteer doing many kinds of jobs have influenced my life over the years by which I never thought of. If you are unemployed or just need something to do, even if its’ one day a week, it can help not just your life, but for someone you can meet. You never realize how many lives are changed just by someone’s influence.

Never hesitate to volunteer today and help bring relief to more people who are struggling to meet their basic needs. Even for those who are extremely busy, take the time to volunteer, even if you can work around your week, and see what your skills you can assist someone with, in your community, because you may have what it takes to make a real difference in someone else’s life. The reward is endless.

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