Beyond Limitations

Believe In Yourself!  #believeinyourself

Back in February of 2008, this was the very first blog that I have written: Hope this will be inspiring for people with disabilities. How to Cut fingernails with one hand. Link below:


For A Better Tomorrow 

tomorrow When many people live with disabilities, we get  depressed over situations that, at times, it cannot  be  helped. Frustrations set in all the time. Why am  I this  way? Why do I have to suffer like this? What  did I ever  do to deserve this? Point being, you do  not want to see  yourself just as an after-thought.  How could one  overlook it without sitting around  and mope? First, stop being bitter and understand a disability is something that you need to accept but it is not the end of the world. It is a part of you. I do the best that I can to try and not always let my limitations get the best of me even when I have days when things are hard. I’ve learned through limitations is to take one day at a time. One step is to look beyond your limitations and do not focus on the affliction your condition gives you. Do not let people get to you if they make comments or if you feel that someone will. Who cares if I see or will be worried if someone stares at me how I appear when I walk or stroll by? Being judged by people may not be easy but be open to others letting them know who you are from the inside. I will not worry about them, only myself, is what matters. With days feeling low, I will try to regroup. Take the time getting to know yourself from your heart. With a strength that I have, I can still  do  something in my life. I may never be 100% but I can still do what I can. I have a purpose?  Make  your own realistic decisions and stand by them. I do not worry that I am not like him or  her. Truth may be how many times did you want to give up when life’s hardships were thrown at you? It may be a never-ending battle but you never know what tomorrow brings. Work on a  better tomorrow by not dwelling on the yesterday. There is always a plan yet for you to  discover. Be yourself! Test your strengths by the ability within you. Do what you can handle without overdoing them. The world does not end today. Join clubs and meet new people. With days of those frustrations bring you down and you get upset how your ability affects you, do not give up. If you fall down, get up! If you fall down again, get up again! Go out and have a clear mind. Do things you enjoy with others. It can keep your mind off many troubles. Keep your mind active. Make a difference by what you can do. Stay focused on your strengths. There is no “I can’t do it” or “If I only could do it, I would” mentality. Recharge your state-of-mind by regrouping and start each day anew. Life is never easy but the way you see yourself is important. Just because you may have a disability does not mean you always have to feel sorry for yourself. Take that thought away today. Appreciate what you still have around you. Always remember, there is always somebody else who is worse off than you. The point of this blog is to help anyone who may suffer with limitations to think more positively and do not feel bad. Look beyond how life can be for you every day. __________________________________________________________

Benefits Having Physical Therapy for Spastic Muscles

Living through a disability, even as a child, there is one great benefit that will help relax spastic muscles very effectively, and that is being able to use water for physical therapy. For example, using a swimming pool, I never needed any kinds of technique that would help my arm improve. The most beneficial use of water was to keep my right arm stretched and stay relaxed as much as possible. There were never too many methods of stretching my arm except holding it on to something like a bar rail or a surf board in water to stretch very gradually. At least it had helped me ease the spasticity that I was having from my right arm. No matter what, I always used a pool as a way to stretch my arm to keep it loose as much as possible. For many other individuals who might have various kinds of CP, water is the best therapy. Water helps loosen even tight muscles to help keep it relaxed and gain strength. Swimming exercises and movements can help build muscle strength and develop coordination. Sometimes, in severe cases, swimming is the only way a person with cerebral palsy can exercise or move independently. Since water is one way of providing great therapy for a person with cerebral palsy, under supervision, it can actually be safe because there is no possibility of hurting one’s self by stumbling. If you had the option of using warm water for therapy, the warmth of heated water can also provide relief from pain muscle stiffness (spasticity). Another great option that I did which helped me every time was using a heated spa. The effects of a spa alone with the force of the water jets can help soothe the spastic muscles. It acts like a massage. Within several minutes you could feel improvement for the tightness. Water provides great buoyancy and helps decrease spasticity in the muscles and joints. Water therapy is a great way to try and gain strength for the defective muscles. Keep working with water as it is so helpful.