5 Simple Ways to Beat Depression


  1. Sleep (That Right Amount) Sleep is a necessity. Without the right amount, people will more likely to have depression than those who do get the right amount of sleep. You will wake up refreshed.
  2. Cut back on Alcohol. First off, many love red wine and beer. It’s one of those things that many need to unwind due to many situations. However, alcohol is a depressant. Too much in access will only make you more depressed. For a period of time, stop drinking and see if it makes a difference in your moods and emotions.
  3. Be around true friends when possible. Not everyone likes to be alone. Whenever possible, be around true friends who can be there for you. Even if they are there to keep you company for a day. The worst thing you can do during depression is isolate yourself from others. Yes, there are times when we need our space. However, being around other people actually energizes us and gives us ways to reach out when we are in need. They will give us the motivation to make it through the day. Your depression will suffer when you are alone longer.
  4. Volunteer Your Free Time. Get your mind focused on someone else instead of yours.  It is so valuable for those who can serve others. There are so many people who are worse off than you in various ways. There may be something right inside your own community that you could contribute. Why not volunteer your free time assisting in a nursing home or even a homeless shelter, or an animal shelter even if it is once or twice a week?
  5. Do the things you enjoy! Go to the gym and workout for an hour or two. Go hang out with a friend in a park. Ride a bike ride on a nice day, or even watch a movie at a local theater. Listen to classy or fun music. The point is, you are having fun and your mind is focused on something else. Your mind is being filled on positive things.
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