Doing 5 Things Today to Forget the Past

Life is never easy. If you do not have an unpleasant past, you would be fortunate because many people do.  Not everyone can move on from an unpleasant past but we all should at least try. If you are able to, you should feel privileged.

forget the past

Most of us do have some unpleasant memories. For  example:

  •  Some very close to you may have treated you horribly or  said some bad things, which you could never have  imagined. It broke your heart.
  •  Someone whom you trusted may have ditched you for  someone else. He/she that you envisioned you would be spending the rest of your life with has forgotten you like an old piece of meat.
  • You were falsely accused in a situation with no wrongdoing and you had no proof to establish your truth.
  • Someone, like a friend or a member of your family stole your money behind your back by the ones you trusted. They plot against you and you were totally unaware of it.


Of course there may be other examples you wish you could just totally delete from your memory.

These unfortunate things do happen in our lives. Most of us keep these unpleasant memories bottled up inside us with no way to forget them. It affects our state-of-mind, health, and our progress to try and slowly heal, if we can.

To live happily in the present and to plan for a positive future, it is necessary to learn from past mistakes and then trying to forget the unpleasant ones.

Try these 5 examples:

  1. Control how you act with people who wronged you because only you can do it. Others cannot! Never try and get revenge.
  2. Life is too short! Try not to waste time over matters that are unimportant.
  3. Move forward in your life doing something new as a way to start over a bad moment keeping your mind occupied while never look back.
  4. Do not despise a person who has hurt you. Never stay bitter! This is easier said than done because it is very difficult, but is wise to do despite the memory. Be the bigger person by taking them out to lunch.
  5. Expect nothing from others and try to appreciate everyone and everything. Do good to others even though you are aware they may not to the same for you.

What has happened is past. Remember, what’s past is past and what’s present is present.  Remember there is no turning back.

At times, we all can say if he or she had never said or done this to me I wouldn’t be like this today. You may have a point but this does not mean anything and you cannot fix the past.

What matters is we can learn from our past mistakes and improve our future.

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