6 Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer

Drink as much water as you can

It is true that drinking plenty of water is needed to keep yourself hydrated this summer. Everything else we drink that are sugar-sweetened beverages, it is hard to find new ways to stay hydrated without depending on sweet sugary drinks other than water. Staying hydrated depends on how much you may exercise like going to the gym or even jogging and also your weight.


Drink a cup of herbal tea during the summer evenings 

 Just by drinking a cup extra cup of good herbal tea adds extra fluid into your body. Plus, it is a good way to relax peacefully at the end of the day.

Eat Vegetables and fruits 

Don’t just live on water alone. In truth, you don’t have to drink eight glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. While water is a top choice, try this option. We all know that vegetables are healthy but eating water-rich foods like vegetables and fruits, you will automatically up your water intake.

Enjoy a cup or two of unsweetened coffee

Many of us want an alternative besides water, at times. While the caffeine in coffee makes you more alert and energized, the H2O benefits are also crucial for starting your day on the correct path. However, just make sure to skip the sugary drinks like soda, bottled coffee drinks, and frozen milkshakes to avoid added sugar in your coffee.

Coconut water

This is a very popular drink. Coconut water is low in carbohydrates, while it is still loaded in potassium. And its unsweetened varieties can be very hydrating.

Give yourself a reminder

Be good to yourself while setting a reminder. Give yourself a reminder. Just simply set alarms on your phone will remind you that it’s time for a glass of water. If you may lose track, this can be a great thing to do to keep you in check throughout the hot weather.

Stay cool!

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