Beauty of Palm Trees

So many people love palm trees. They constantly show off their beauty from tourist attractions and to even wildlife. That, in itself, captures the human eye by its magical wonders. Palm trees are common in California, Florida, Arizona, Texas and many other states in the U.S. and the world.

palm tree

The palm tree is much more significant than you might think. At the sight of a palm tree, most people imagine a tropical island  setting — but these strong plants can also grow in a variety of other environments.

  1.   There are over 2,500 species of palm trees.
  2.   Not all palm trees are “trees,” and not all plants called “palms” are really palms.
  3.   Palm trees have two different types of leaves: the palmate and pinnate.
  4.   Palm trees are important religious symbols.  In the Bible, the people of Jerusalem greeted a triumphant Jesus just one week before his death and resurrection, a tradition now known and celebrated as Palm Sunday the week beforeEaster. Palms are mentioned dozens of times in the Bible. In Judaism, palms represent peace.
  5. Lots of staples come from palm trees. Coconutsare the product of palm trees, but dates, betel nuts and “acai fruit” all come from palm trees too. Palm oil, as its name indicates, also comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree.
  6. The tallest palm tree can grow up to 197 feet tall! Colombia’s national tree, is the tallest-growing species of palm.
  7. The coco de mer palm tree has the largest seeds of any plant on Earth. The seeds can be as large as 20 inches and as heavy as 66 pounds!

Many different people and businesses use Palms and tropical plants to make beautiful custom landscapes. The proper care and winter protection you provide for your Palms play a major role in how far north certain Palm species will need to survive.

Installation of palm trees begins with the choosing of the palms that would work best for landscapes.

If you, by chance, have never seen, in person, a live palm tree, especially in tourist areas, go and see them. The beauty, they show off is spectacular.

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