Can We Accept Our Past?

The past is history and can never return. Situations of things which happened are in the past and which still affects us today can never be redone. Is it possible to forget the bad feelings of our past and then put it out of your mind for good? Actually that is almost impossible for most of us because those situations are never easy to carry out.

accept past

Do you let your feelings bother you? Many of us do, but depending on the situation, it is too hard to forget. For those who do let those unpleasant moments keep you miserable, the past can come back to haunt you over and over throughout your life.

Do you wish you could function on a different level? If you are currently feeling that way, do you say to yourself, can I stop it? The best we can do is work with it and more importantly, understand it.

What if we went back in time when we were at that specific point when we already had an understanding of right and wrong to fix it right then and there, would you be able to get your life started again with better results?

Think of it this way. If that was possible, going back to that point when we knew enough to guide our path, at the right moment of our life to start over and improve with it, we might be able to follow a different path with the knowledge we have now. No one can know the turning path if we can change the directions by the choices that we make. They all can still end up becoming good or bad. Either way is unknown. The point is, of all the past mistakes we actually make, one can always try to accept them and move forward in a fixed direction while never trying to look back and remain bitter. We should always try not just by learning from them, but doing a better job of it next time so an improved direction can be made.

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