What can you learn positively when you are surrounded with negativity in your life?

When negative situations you may experience come your way, even when you know you do not deserve it, it can teach you to change your thinking. We can learn from negative situations while trying to turn them into positive ones if we look at the bigger picture. We can learn through time to try and be the bigger person if we do not dwell on the situation.

stay positive

If you know what the situation is, you can learn from it with communication tactics the best way you can. As soon as the situation comes up, try and take another approach by

  • Partly agreeing with the person but turn it around by adding input you want to try to change
  • Without a direct answer, ask them a question with a question to change the subject around. At times, the subject can improve.
  • Unless the situation is nothing too important, agree fully with them in a calm way (although you generally do not mean it), then help make the subject better by explaining what you believe is better to help the situation
  • Show the person key tips to help the situation improve
  • If all else fails, “walk away”

Many of these situations are not easy to do but most negativities can always be made better through time and patience if we do not give in to the experience and show others you want positive change. Never look back and focus on the past. The present is here. The future can be changed better.

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