Determine the Reason for your Storm

When we all deal with trials and issues what is the best way to go about them? It is very easy for people just to say ignore or giving it time, it will go away, but how truly effective is that?

What is the cause for your storm? Why do they occur?  To make this determination you need to see and get to  the bottom of the surface of your fears and your  stormy experiences. Seek the reason of your storm by  a bad decision that you made. We all can make bad  decisions from time to time. Be aware of advice that  you may receive from others. When you are  mistreated, never disregard the problem. Confront it and work on it by not ignoring it at the same time. So when the storm begins to form over you, it is not a time to disregard it, just by hoping it will go away by itself. It is a time to seek, work on it, and make a positive change by your decisions that you make.

You have to uncover things you may not want to face, but have to, to be able to get through them. We all want to take the easy road without confronting the storm. Not an easy path to take? We need to be aware of relying on just what we know what is best. Because it will cause us to get impatient and then we will not listen to good advice or even seek it, thus we will make those bad decisions.

So take a careful look inside yourself. Submerge yourself in faith and seek out good advice but don’t get hung up on seeking the purpose. Work through your fears and storms by going out of the way to understand them.

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