Crossroads in Life

Have you ever had someone in some shape or form come into your life, and you feel as though your life would never have been forever altered if that particular person or friend you experienced never happened? Many experiences with them that you have faced have shaped your life on various levels.


I have had many people that entered and left my  time in my life, which have created many amazing  moments in which if it wasn’t through their influences, the road my life has taken me would be  so much different. I then have had moments even  with a life-changing event, and when I have had  certain friends who come back into my life, it’s as if time hasn’t really passed as much as I envisioned.

People come into your life for a reason. Many are there to assist you, while others help alter your course of action by giving you a certain experience that you are meant to live through. It may be part of the next chapter of the book in your life where you are destined to do a specific job. They may even come into your life at a precise moment which their only purpose was to help finding your future spouse. Whatever the path your life leads, people come along to help guide you by giving you various opportunities. People can say I do or don’t believe in a fixed life. I do not live in a Matrix.

A few years back, I had a friend that if we did not cross paths for that specific time, what I have done over these past few years, may never had existed just through his presence.

I’m not sure which is the worst part, that if things never work out, that I’ll be left with the question of ‘what ifs?’ Or is it the fact that I can picture how my life would likely play out, if everything were to work out this time around? Timing can be everything during the course of people’s lives.

I can imagine the future as being almost straight like an action movie. Depending on the role you are presenting, how will your character play out during each act? Are you living your life in accordance with your values? Do you follow your experiences in life with passion, love, or even inspiring others to strive for their path as well? Do you want to settle for a ton of money or a beautiful family? It’s a choice that we all make.

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