What is Your Direction in Life?

With so many experiences that each one of us goes through, either good or bad, how does it shape your direction in life? What could you do to help shape-shift your experiences for a better direction? When we make certain mistakes that we wish we could automatically erase, which way would you try to help correct it? If you feed on it, things could be worse.



However, if you try and better yourself by that  mistake that you made, you could learn and  change it more positively by doing the right thing  by trying to turn it around for a better direction  that can help change your life in a much better  way.

Nobody who was not happy with his or her life by making a bad mistake would have; no desire to repeat it. They want a better direction to do better without repeating the same thing over and over.But when you think about it, there are many people who repeat their mistakes hoping to make it work the next time around.

Many people do not examine their affairs while making a conscious decision to make changes where changes are needed for a better direction. They do not want to look for a better course of action.

Never try and outdo the past but learn from it and try to better it. Sometimes negative experiences can better ourselves once we learn from them when we see it through a positive light.

Somewhere along the way we need to only move forward and not back. We need to learn to overcome it so that we can change our course of direction and discover a better way going forward.

There will always be bad days where we have made mistakes and foolish decisions. Jump out of that mentality. If you want a better direction, first gain knowledge that your state-of-mind plays with you that causes you to make unintentional habits.  You then can have the motivation NOT to repeat those unhappy past experience.

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