Don’t Be Toppled by Tomorrow

What is your greatest or saddest word we all may overlook probably every day? It is the word tomorrow. We all do not want at times to do certain things so we all just put it off “tomorrow”. Many of us in life have great ambitions that we want to fulfill. Others who have great motivation may need the right kind of advice to help get our feet out of the water. The problem is; if we wait and continue to put things off, even the unnecessary ones, opportunities that we face on many levels can be lost because we all say, I’ll do that tomorrow.


Truth is; we do not know what tomorrow brings.  So many people look back and regret that they  didn’t do this sooner. For example, teenagers who  may put off going to college to pursue a life-long  career but instead may take a break and do  something else. I’ll attend that university next  year. There may not be anything wrong with that,  at first, but as time goes by, when there was opportunity to take it, something else comes along, (even beyond your control) and that once desired dream of going to college to fulfill that certain career is now lost.

Someone may put a new relationship on hold because they long for an old girlfriend or roommate because; I’ll make plans to get her back tomorrow. We all live in the now but ignoring what we plan tomorrow should never be put off for certain things if we think they may work better for us if we wait.

Advice or a decision about a change in a career, a move, relationship, or even travel is good to plan, but putting it off tomorrow can always change the course of your life once certain important tasks are not put in place. Since no one knows what tomorrow can lead, be objective but never put important things on hold. Even if your tomorrow can eventually lead to things in your life that you probably never imagined it would, it can also bring you the saddest in situations if, “I only did this before, things could have been so much better for me right now”. If you are someone who may wait for tomorrow to get a task done, try to always take advantage if you can do it today because tomorrow is always the unknown.

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is the future. Today is your life. Live it because tomorrow is promised to no one.

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