Don’t Worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is one everyday situation has affects everyone on a daily basis. It is the popular concept of worry. Everyone experiences worry in life and of course it impacts us in all very differently. Since everyone experiences worry in different ways, it is hard to deal with it on a daily basis. In most cases worry can be extremely hard to overcome once it develops into a habit. It seems that worry is like a fungus which is hard to get rid of.

People worry about everyday simple or hard situations of everyday life. Either if it is money, family, jobs, health, and even the future. Worry is the typical unknown. Worrying about the unknown is very normal but is it worth 24/7 to dwell on it? The short answer is NO! It does not solve anything. Worrying about the future is understandable but it is not beneficial. No one can control the worries of tomorrow. Tomorrow can always take care of itself.

For years, I’ve learned to never worry about the past. I’ve then learned to move on and look into the future. You can never change your past but you can always learn from it. That’s the good thing about worry. You can always learn from it by the best to your ability and learn to change the possible outcome of the issue. Remember that worry doesn’t make problems go away. Learning from mistakes can make you stronger and more knowledgeable.

Just about everything we worry about out of fear may never happen. #dontworry  Therefore, it does us no good to worry about it. That’s why it is a good idea to focus our attention on the things we need to do to overcome the fear in our lives, instead of focusing on the things that cause us fear. Give yourself many tips on trying to calm down about the worry issue. Do not be fearful. Think and be positive!

Realize that worrying does not solve the problem. You can fill your mind against worry in a positive light. The first thing to do to fill your mind when being faced with a problem is to examine the issue in a calm way. Make a list and even change your thoughts about it. Immediately think of something else that is positive in your life. If you continue to always worry, it will only make things for yourself a lot worse by your state-of-mind. When you feel the worry starting to get inside of your mind, think of the blessings that you have in your life. Let that worry issue go.

The best method to overcome worry is to automatically erase it from your mind. If you erase it the right way, you eventually, through time, can break the habit of worrying. You can also start by another powerful way. That way is to PRAY!  Has anyone ever heard the phrase, ”The Power of Prayer”? The habit of praying about everything, is one of the most powerful things that you can do and it will get easier on a continued basis. That is one habit worth getting into. You must pray to work on that specific issue in your life. So instead of being consumed by worry on a regular, every day basis, in everything; PRAY. When you pray, you will begin to feel a sense of doors opening up for you to make your mind work at ease. The more you work on it, the more your worry will decrease. If you decide to drive out by overcoming your worry, work on it little by little. It will take time, but you can get out of your worry habit through time and patience. Once you are able to decrease worry under control, you will be able to feel more joyful with your inner self. The process of joy will then overtake that worry out of your heart. Give it time and try to master overcoming worry by the best to your ability.  #dontworry  #behappy

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