Experiencing Negril, Jamaica

I had an opportunity to go to Negril, Jamaica a few weeks ago. I stayed in the RIU hotel in Negril. It is very relaxing hotel with entertainment, a beach, 2 pools, kayaking, great tasting buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and other things.

The resort town of Negril, Jamaica is a very popular tourist destination mostly due to many fun activities they offer. To plan a trip to Negril Jamaica, look into some of the fun Negril tours offered in and around the island. There are a lot of sites to see.

One of the things I took the time to see was touring a bus that took us to a fun easy boat cruise down the Black River by pontoon boat to enjoy Jamaica’s wildlife and their tropical setting.

Afterwards, the tourist bus took us up with the end of YS Falls which is one of their top tourist attractions.

It also includes a fun zip line. In the end of the trip we saw a rum distillery tour the Appleton Rum Estate which is it is one of Jamaica’s oldest distilleries. You can even enjoy a tasting of a few different types of rum before heading back to your hotel.


Among the many other things to do in Negril are tourist guided boat rides. Other popular tourist activities include Negril excursions. These trips take you away from Negril for a short visit to a nearby location. You can go shopping, try Jamaica’s top foods or purchase fun items from many of the islands who are great artisans. If you are a person who likes to tour other places, you can take a tour of the Blue Mountains where you can see a coffee plantation and even taste samples of fresh brew. Blue mountain is Jamaica’s main coffee.

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