When You Are Facing Brick Walls

There are many things that can happen that no matter what you may try to do you have nowhere else to turn. Many times what we do when things seem to be not working out just as you expected them to; can be very difficult. It is normal when we think about where we went wrong, what we could have done differently, and what we can change about ourselves to make sure we never end up back to square one.


A good way to look at it is that when facing situations,  which seems like hitting never-ending brick walls,  gives you the chance to regain your focus. Change  your course of action in your day-to-day habits. Look  and see what the things you may be doing wrong,  which, then, you may see why you are not getting  anywhere.

Are you angry that you just had bad day at work that you realized as soon as you get home you accidently locked your keys inside your car? Because you are so angry over that too, to make things worse, you then kick the side of your car so now you have a dent?

Look at some of our habits. It could be changing your routine how you go about your job so you may not hear too many complaints when you work with co-workers, communicating in a much positive way with friends and family, or even changing your diet when others get after you for a healthier lifestyle.

Are you in a situation that you just cannot let go of an old argument by someone that you do genuinely care for, but it keeps you miserable because you can’t let go of the past? Taking a change in action takes time, but one needs to learn that nothing can be fixed overnight.

Everyone makes mistakes, but learning from them can completely change our lives.

When faced with a bump in the road on your drive to change, the second you get back on the road, your self-esteem builds-up. Without the bump in the road, many people may not even appreciate the smooth road ahead.

Although you may be taking little steps on your way back up, every one counts. As you practice staying committed to taking a step every day, you will begin to trust yourself in a way you may never have learned to in general.

When you keep facing brick walls, remember we should not always fully blame the other person or a situation when we face them over certain life’s problems, but should evaluate how we see our inner selves by the actions that we take that will lead to a better direction.

Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. – Michael Jordan

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