Fill your life with experiences not things with stuff to show

Have you ever traveled somewhere that actually filled you with a wonderful experience? It was a true close-up experience but not what you just saw on your iphone or on your home computer. Experiencing many things face-to-face first hand is so refreshing and rewarding. Let’s say you and your family or friends went on a weekend getaway camping through the great outdoors. Yes, you may have been inspired first through instant gratification looking at a picture on your phone or home computer before you all arrived but how long did the true experience last? You may have just taken that leap and experienced it in person in a fresh way.


Images we take may stay with us forever but besides that, fill your life with experience. On the positives side, enjoy the beauty  and wonders when you travel wherever you may go to by what this world may give you, through beauty, history, and even many  different cultures that you may never have thought you would have learned from in person.

Many experiences that many of us may go through actually bring us peace and a better state-of-mind on how we may actually  view life from time to time. We all can grow from different experiences by what we face in person rather than just through  instant gratification.

This just goes to show that we should fill life with experience while having memorable stories to tell, not things that we see on screen.

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