Five Ways How We Start Our Sunday Mornings, With a Hitch! But Need to Change our Habits!

Since we are all humans, we need change at times, but how little or big depend on our habits. This is not just talking about how change is good for you; but how flexibility is important. Sunday starts the day before beginning of a new work week. Many of us have the day off to help get ready to start our weekly routine on Monday’s but just want one day to chill. Most of the time, we tend to use that day for selfish motives. There is nothing really wrong with that, but should we change our habits, even on Sunday’s when we have our time to ourselves? Sunday is my day to be selfish.

Sunday freedom

  1. Quiet time with your fresh cup of coffee. Most of us cannot function or start their morning without it. Problem is: you  work hard all week and you deserve one morning not wanting to be disturbed with quiet time because the kids or wife are too  chaotic when they get up. You just need one morning a week just to enjoy a cup of coffee in a quiet house. Try a different  approach using time management. If you need quiet time for yourself, take an hour before you know when they get up and  consider it like a relaxer instead of a chore. That can help you start to function better in the morning. That way you can let them  sleep unless you have specific plans.
  2. Set out to enjoy your Sunday morning pastry or donuts. Even if you are a person who is not overly health conscious, we can be like; I’m not in the mood to fix the usual nutritious breakfast of cereal or eggs for myself or anyone. Its’ either the pastry or donuts, with coffee or milk. I do not care what others will think despite annoying comments, even though it will offset that sugar high. How would you change that Sunday habit? Ignore! But surprise them by being generous sharing them, instead of arguing. Tell them I thought you all may like something different this morning. Maybe if you share, they will be more pleasurable. Learn not to be concerned what others think unless there is a health issue involved, although not everyone will always agree what we should have.
  3. Too much time checking your e-mail, sending out your morning Tweet, or Facebook post. Most of us do this every morning anyway but the problem is: you just do not want to take the time from other important things that need to be done? But try cutting your time in half when reading posts because before you know it your whole morning is about gone while the important things are left out before Monday. You could be spending additional time doing those productive things, preparing for the work week, while still spending time for yourself, realizing that being too occupied reading what your best friend did last night on Facebook was a bigger of a time waster than you thought.
  4. Planning on going to Church but are too tired to make it? Even when I attend, I spend half the time in service falling asleep. I’ll plan on going next week when I’m up to it. I just want to sleep in one day this week. Note: It’s never bad to devote one Sunday morning to attend despite how you may feel no matter how much of a church-goer you are. You can eventually gain motivation and you will never know what things you can bring to others, learning things when you attend, and even making new friends at the same time.
  5. Watching the Sunday games. Yes, nothing is really fully complete without watching Sunday night football or other sports. It’s a great way to enjoy the afternoon or evening. However, you have a problem because weekends are supposed to be family time. That is really important but you get ticked off about that’s not fair etc. You just need Sunday afternoons as your time and for no one else. If you feel that way, fix your Sunday fever by while watching the game with strategy. Perhaps you could compromise spending time together on Saturday’s or time before the game starts because it is a day to be all together or for chilling out. How about since you feel Sunday is your day just for the game, without being selfish watching it by yourself or just with friends, try and get the whole family to watch the game together, even if they are not into football or other sports that you may be into? That time spent could make things even better.
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