Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side?

Everyone looks at things differently over the other side of the fence and thinks life would be better spent making a change somewhere else at another location for certain things that keep them happy. Many DO NEED change to help maintain or to find happiness elsewhere.

fence grass

However, change is not always the only outlet. How   greener is the other side? There are other ways to look  beyond the fence. Many need to see the blessings that  they already have in their lives. Good, positive, and  realistic decisions need to be made while not running  away thinking things will be better automatically what  you see over the fence. Even if your problems that  you face do not follow you along in your life changes, it’s important to keep in mind that nothing and nowhere is perfect. Be contented by what you have in the life that you live.

Life is too short and the moments you have should not be all spent on things that you treasure or seeing things that seem to be better here on Earth. Most people who look over the other side of the fence usually are ignoring the thankful things they already have in life. Learn to realize what’s most important to you. Be contented!  At some point, in life, most become aware that the people in our lives and the times spent on the ones we care about are truly crucial. Once you learn that those are the type of things that are simply more important than say material possessions, then happiness can be mastered and acquired much better.

But you can also learn to appreciate the other side by traveling and personally witnessing people of other cultures, living lives in differently than yours, or how they adjust, so therefore you’ve seen life through another viewpoint than the one you’re so used to.

Sometimes others are possessed with the drive of gaining what they never had before. Do not let that be your fence. If you have the mentality feeling trapped, with no way out, it’s possible to find happiness. As long as you are planning and being aware of the changes you make by what you may go through, even while you still may want a way out, how green is the other side?

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