How Our Favorite Foods Impacts Our Culture

Our culture really impacts us. Who enjoys eating a couple of chicken wings while enjoying them in their tasty ranch dressing?


Also, eating several slices of pizza never fails me and others around the world. Now imagine giving up chicken wings and pizza  for an extended length of time.

Just hearing the word “pizza” and “chicken” brings a smile to the face of just about everyone.

Imagine one day you decided to give up all animal products like meat, dairy, or eggs in a year.

Now the question in your mind must be; why? Clearly most people love meat and dairy on a constant basis. What would give someone the motivation to give all of that up possibly for the rest of their lives? First of all we must answer the question is it safe or can you really get enough protein? Can you consume enough calories? What about b12, vitamin D, Zinc, Iron and Calcium? Can you meet all your nutritional needs? Are there benefits?

Would you ever eat a rabbit? Would you ever eat a cow? You probably have. It’s interesting how much culture really impacts us. Culture severely influences our choices even for our favorite foods that we cannot seem to live without.

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