Ignore (Keeping A Better Peace of Mind)

Why is it best (as much as possible) to ignore when it comes to certain situations? It can, at times, help you stay more focused by keeping a better peace of mind. Gaining a better peace of mind can be healthy by trying to work around a specific problem. It may never work all the time but the more you try and not feed on the problem, the better it may be that the tense situation that you may be in; may not escalate higher.


What’s more important, having the state-of-mind  that if you shout out or keep being angry is the  only way you can only get your point across when  the problem arises or (if possible) toning down the  situation that you can talk with soft words when  you try your best? Ignoring just to have a better  peace of mind doesn’t work for everyone. Without  trying to shut out the other person, speak your mind as best as you can.  Making peace always usually comes later. It can be better for you and others. Many people can eventually see that fighting with words will not solve anything but it will only keep the problems worse. Even if nothing happens, it can take time, even if you realize that all attempts have failed. Always be yourself without going down the low road by giving in the problem that rises.

Even through the worst of times, always try to be a positive example. Nobody is perfect. Try to work out a specific situation by speaking what you feel (when the time is right), to the other person, in a peaceful manner, while not giving in immediately. It can be a strain and sometimes nail-biting to go through, but always try without escalating; causing further friction. If nothing works, through time, never give up.

Remember, life is too short. Even when you feel there is no way out when you can’t escape by ignoring at first; just be the bigger person. Always tell someone how you feel and paths can be opened for a possible solution, because opportunities are lost in a blink of an eye but regrets can last for a lifetime.

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