Improve your Mood with Sleep

So many of us just crave for days where our moods can improve because we all have bad days. But when it comes to our accustomed sleep time, the lack of it, is a constant mood changer. It has been proven that just taking a short nap during the day can improve your mood. Almost everyone who could benefit from extra sleep will keep your mind sharper and more alert.

More Sleep

The less sleep you get, the more likely you are to feel stressed, sad, angry or drained. Getting enough sleep should be the number one goal you should set. You will be happy by how much better you will feel during the day.

An ideal goal to set for sleep time is a good hour during the early afternoon.  People can be less impulsive and can have a greater tolerance for frustration than people who stayed up by watching a late-night hour-long television show instead of getting sleep.

Why not try and sleep in a different bedroom? Many people with depression also have insomnia. Changing your sleep location can help you. You can also reduce insomnia by getting up at the same time every day, for more than thirty minutes, and relaxing for an hour before bed.

Any time you are feeling down or annoyed, a nap is the best thing you can do for your-state-of-mind. For many people who stay happier for a longer time, more sleep can be a necessity.


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