In A Moment of Isolation

Do you ever have the feeling at times that shortly after you wake up in the morning; that it offers the solitude that permits your mind to wander almost aimlessly, from the past, present and to the future? I remember, in the past, the old days of being a kid, when the future seemed so full of hope and possibilities. It was a time of imagining experiencing real flying cars in the true 2015, being famous, and even having plenty of opportunities.


Of course, I was only a kid but thinking way back to those possibilities were kind of cool. Now, as an adult, I still have always  believed that the never-ending cycle like the everyday routine how we do things on Earth continues to work like a clock.  Everything that we do is like a cycle year after year, but just with hope for a future that can stay afloat despite the never-ending  destruction on Earth that we all experience. That brings many of us to worry. It is for those that don’t believe and love and  amusement because is always right around the corner. It is the benefit of being a dreamer. It is being able to see the beauty in  simple things and understanding that obstacles we may face are nothing more than changes created by our Designer; even if it is to get us where we are supposed to be, cycle after cycle.

It is a blessing to be able to escape the sadness and evil in the world when in a moment of isolation and quiet time. Even the very simple things in life can bring happiness and serve to remind me and you that nothing bad lasts forever, just for a better future even after we are gone. But at this moment, it can serve as a reminder to “never give up” when things are down.

Over the course of one’s lifetime, although times are so hard for almost everyone, it is good to be perfectly content to be alone with your thoughts.

Time has not changed me from the person who still finds contentment in the simple things. Even certain unexplained moments still surprise me. I am still awed by the never-ending cycle of the Earth and the sun of light, whether rising or setting can still keep me inspired.

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