A Journey We Take Can Change a Lifetime

A journey we take in life can be a passage of a continuing life changing, empowering path. Many times in my life, my experiences moving here and there, encountering certain people, and having various setbacks, I found the strengths I didn’t know I seemed to possess just through these challenges. Once I became independent through a challenging experience, I realized so many beautiful things can come out from the meaning of life, when you look past through those negative ones while looking through the positives just by what you can overcome. At first, many negative experiences that I have dealt with, when they all began to clear, I could perceive who I was, overcoming, pitfalls and set-backs as I began to learn from them.

journey I realized as an adult, even through moments of  various traumas came and went a new day can  always overcome them while moving forward.  You can always use your negative experiences  from the past to help move others, while not  leaning on your own understanding.

My experiences doing things with limitations and eventually being my own person refined me, changing my attitude on life and laying out my future and direction.

Before my experiences as a kid, I had the fears on the unknown and never-ending failure. I’ve felt like I’ve been bounced around with no direction. I had no idea what I wanted to do or be. But with the proper people who have come into my life and positive experiences, I now can analyze and understand, I was able to gradually work on myself, at my own rate. I did things that I never thought I could do which helped to keep my motivation strong.

Many times in life, we have to learn one’s own personal journey, where it takes us through good or bad experiences when it leaves you an entirely different person. Know that time in and out in your life; it’s never too late for you to plan your own journey seeing the best of how you can make it. Always be open to new experiences. They, at times, can lead to unfilled surprises. Remember to plant some seeds of friendship with certain people. They can always guide you in so many new directions. Sometimes what you plant grows fast and ends up overwhelming you with positive mind and spirit. A new journey can always start now once you make a commitment to change.

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