Just Turn the Page

Who, at times, can possibly forgive someone over a situation where we were not at fault over an unpleasant thing that happened? It may truly, at first, be so unbearable that you just can’t let go of it. Some people believe what goes around, comes around. Even other situations that can cause us to be miserable, we usually lash out at others over a misunderstanding. We even fight back by giving them the cold treatment out of revenge. It becomes so hard to erase it from our minds we cannot automatically move forward. But when we spend an opportunity to think about it, could we ask ourselves, can I try to forgive?


In life, many times more than we can count, when that one person who had wronged you doing something to you, can you forgive? Although it may be so hard to do; try. We, at times, should never expect or demand a positive returned favor. Despite many trials and tribulations that many of us encounter from people, one can try move forward by being the bigger person but it should never be done out of spite. Yes, not everyone can do it, but depending on the situation, moving forward, even when it seems like it will not work, we should try and do it anyway.

Many times in our lives we need to be an example to others even when they may not deserve our forgiveness. Try doing good things to someone who may have done something wrong to you can come a long way. Never think of it as a shock treatment. Get rid of the “they do not deserve it mentality.” Turn the page. Give that person a call to say hi. Take them out to breakfast. Invite them to a rock concert. As life is generally unpredictable, no one knows what will happen tomorrow.

Never let a bad moment go unresolved as long as you try. In many ways, it is better to try to release that outward emotion for that person rather than keeping a mutual feeling trapped inside you internally. Anyone can feel so much better once they make a valuable effort even if no results come out of it. As one chapter may be closed, another one is yet to be opened.

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