Kill Your Stutter product review

For many people who may stutter at a moderate or severe level, if you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. As a kid, I once was a bad stutterer and felt overpowered to overcome it.

Looking back, one of the hardest things that took me many years to improve was how to gain a proper control to my stuttering. As a child it was the nagging and sometimes the agony of getting to master this technique from others. I did take several speech classes in middle and high school. They did help quite a bit but I still haven’t reached a good height yet even though I practiced. But regardless, I still had a ways to go with practice and gaining self-confidence over the years. There were times when I felt I was doing fine while others felt that I was messing up and insisted that I do better. As a shy person, I felt harassed and became irritated as I felt I did my best. Not wanting to feel embarrassed or fearful, I tried not to speak out loud very often.

As a young adult, I continued to take several speech classes and learned other various techniques to help keep the flow on how my words came out. It was mostly an easy flow technique. Many people who may stutter takes several months or years being able to take control of it. For myself, I finally got to the point as an older adult where I feel I reached a satisfying level overcoming it with practice. It was a long journey. On the positive side, I no longer felt that I needed to dwell on what other people were going to think just trying to get my words across. I also no longer got the feeling people were going to ignore me just how my speech once was. I never again dwelled on the past. In reality, you can’t.

However, many people’s “willpower” who can relate, like me, when one tries their best can still remain weakened to the effect that they mostly feel like a mime because they may not want to speak too often out of fear. Nobody wants to get to that level, mostly out of “worry” or “peer pressure” that they may face when they try their best to overcome stuttering.

The truth is, we all may invest time and money going to various speech classes and may use a few techniques to work on lowering the way our stutter affects our speech. It all takes time and discipline.


I recently researched online by wanting to see what programs may actually assist others who stutter that they can truly benefit  from. I end up looking and reviewing,Kill Your Stutter”. What I found interesting, which stands out more than others, was  Ari Kreitberg’s story, which, in turn, inspired me. He is the co-creator of the Kill Your Stutter Internet guide. Ari, first, give his  transforming story how he gradually, and unexpectedly got him where he is today after making few key discoveries,  that he  was lucky enough to focus on what was working. To be honest, the way he was describing it, and how he has many positive  reviews on his guide, I said to myself, “We all like to hear a true inspirational success story, right”? With detail:

The Pro’s –

  • It’s a step-by-step guide.
  • It’s easy to understand. His guide gives stuttering victims the right techniques to help stop stuttering properly.
  • It is NOT a program that’s “over saturated” like other guides.
  • As a stutterer, with his techniques, this is also not a program that is difficult to learn.
  • The good thing is that his program and technique has a full 100% money back refund if someone is not fully happy with it.

The Con’s  –

  • People can be hesitant to try it and will ignore his program because it will seem like a “too good to be true” guide.
  • Although his guide is very well detailed, it will take a little longer to gain results than advertised.

Kill Your Stutter program


Ari Kreitberg’s “Kill Your Stutter program”, is the kind of guide where you cannot go wrong. Just follow his program as he says and you can soon be able to “Kill Your Own Stutter” real soon. Remember, time and dedication are the key.


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