Letting Go of The Past

So many times in my past I would usually dwell on the various past negativities that I once experienced. It would serve as a reminder how angry I used to get because so many of them, I didn’t put on myself. I used to ask myself, why did I need them in the first place? Over time, looking at the bigger picture now, I realized why look back. Just move forward. No one can change the past. That would be great if many could at times, but no one should.


There is only one life to live, various journeys we can  still take, but many ways we can move forward more  positively.

Did someone upset you that you can’t move forward?  Did you once have such a bad work experience from  your old job that you did not deserve, that you can’t  let it go thinking I would be better off today if it wasn’t  for that? Despite the situation, can you forgive and forget? True, that saying may not always work the ways that we think they should but many should try.

Many negative things may happen for a reason. It may very well be to help teach us to come full circle in a much more positive way. It could be serving others more beneficially through your past negative experience, being a bigger person that you wouldn’t make that same mistake again with someone else, or even learning from a past mistake to help make you a better person in your life.

Many things I went through, have taught me that life is just an experience. Use negative experiences that you may go through to learn from them and try to experience how you can turn them around for your own benefit in a much better direction.

Life is a highway, bumpy at times, but there are many different routes that we all can take that give us different experiences.

Forgiveness means letting go of the past. – Gerald Jampolsky

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