Self-Help book for individuals with disabilities.

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HemiplegiccpWhat is Spastic Hemiplegia/Hemiparesis? It is a type of cerebral palsy. Spastic Hemiplegia affects the entire one side of the body with the lack of use, and is normally identified within the arm and leg. This is NOT a progressive disorder. The term Hemi means half and plegia means paralysis. However, for Hemiparesis, Paresis means partial paralysis (weakness). It is weakness of the arm and leg on the same side of the body. Hemiplegia is more severe than hemiparesis. Spastic Hemiplegia/Hemiparesis is usually caused from an illness, stroke or a spinal cord injury from birth but the most common cause is a stroke. Usually limbs on one side of the body are shortened, slightly deformed, and much thinner than the other normal side. Spasticity means stiffness in the muscles.




Hemiplegic Gait in “Hemiparesis” Cerebral Palsy.


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Self-Help book for individuals with disabilities.

Living Beyond Shadows

Who wouldn’t want to persevere living through a disability despite trials and difficulties? Who can move forward living beyond their shadows with cerebral palsy? Brian Wright’s CP is mild but he has gone through many hard situations in his life living with Spastic Hemiparesis. (Hemi-par-es-is)

The life challenges of Brian Wright tell of his struggles chronically from his childhood to his walk with Christ. Through time, his struggles did not defeat him, but he overcame them through perseverance. His life challenges can help people with disabilities through his experiences so they can learn to overcome their struggles through faith and perseverance. In the end, he was called to work in the body of Christ: to serve others in ministry. Brian’s life challenges are an inspiration for anyone suffering through adversity.





Chapter 1: Overcoming Early Challenges

Chapter 2: Surviving My Orthopedic Procedures

Chapter 3: My Invisible School Years

Chapter 4: Finding the Right Path

Chapter 5: Neurological Treatments for Continuing Progress

Chapter 6: Pathways to Independence and Self-Confidence

Chapter 7: Climbing the Ladder to Faith

Closing Note

 **For more information on Spastic Hemiparesis and, on the life challenges that he has experienced and overcame, click on the links below.


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