What Makes a Home Office Your Special Productive Area?

I’ve been grateful that I’m able to work at home as a freelance writer. Being able to have an ideal work space to put your thoughts down on paper can affect the creative process in a clearer way. For me, I went from working on a notepad to my PC to where I have complete control of my special productive area.

home office

This area I work in, keeps me in privacy, being able to be creative while setting new tones how my words come out without any distractions. I enjoy spending moments like this giving myself some alone time behind closed doors. This is because I’ve made it my own space, with my own time, enhanced it in my own way, so that it provides me with the best experience, away from the distractions that I may face, at times.

The secret to a special productive area is to remove, for the time, the everyday gadgets that you are used to using constantly like your smartphone, tablets, etc. If you have a specific assignment you have been trying to get to for the longest while, that has nothing to do with your work, then try your best and place it somewhere else, at that time, so you won’t have the temptations to constantly check them while being distracted from your work area.

For me, I keep my work area with the PC computer while no TV or cell phone is on, so they do not distract me as I write. Not only does this take away all distractions, but it puts me in a place of complete focus.

It is true that each person’s method and needs are different, but there’s no denying that making your creative space as comfortable as possible, is important so that distractions and discomforts will not hinder your progress, not in a negative, but towards a positive direction.

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