Does Money Equal Happiness

Many people today think that money and happiness work so well together.  When it comes being able purchasing things; like clothes, a new car, computers, or even smart phones, it can be very enjoyable getting what we need and like. We are happy at the end of the work week when we collect our paychecks from our jobs. However, material possessions that we purchase to crave for by money cannot create true happiness. Money creates the falsehood of happiness because people with money feel powerful within themselves and feel like they can be recognized being self-important.


It isn’t easy when we don’t have enough of it. But  the more we have, the more we can get happier  which can help solve so many of our problems  throughout our lives. But even if you have more  than you could ever need, how much does it equal  for you staying happy? The more you have, the  better chance it may never be enough by certain  standards when you go beyond your resources and think the worst. You then realize that money cannot “buy” you happiness.

We all work hard just to provide and get by maintaining a meaningful life.What truly makes you happy? Realize what things make you happy in your life. Is it things you just buy with money or is it about being happy with the moments which can come along during the short amount of time you are here on Earth to enjoy what you may already have when you can stay contented inside your means?

It is important to be comfortable in your life to make enough money, however money is not everything.  It is impossible to believe that all the money in the world could ever totally fully satisfy you in life.Life is only temporary.Try to create as many happy moments as possible so that your success will not solely be determined by how much revenue you may have, but “by happiness” as well.


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