From a Positive Past, Look Forward

Let’s say for example, if you could live your life over and start it again from your childhood, but understanding that you will relive everything exactly as you had the first time, would you want to redo that? Would you change it for a better outcome or just relive it because it was so positive for you? What is there to consider of the idea of repeating a good life?

waterpastblog If, someone had nothing but great and rewarding  memories of the past that would lead to a positive future,  who wouldn’t want to experience another repeat? The  reason could be if they would be contemplating such a  return to the past, they must be rejecting their present  leading to their unknown future.

The truth is many people in life are never satisfied. They live in the past because they are not happy with their current situation they may be in today. Although, some have everything they ever wanted, they are always searching for something else either bigger or more satisfying to help suit their needs because nothing is ever good enough to stay contented.

Another way of looking at from this point of view, your past is gone and it can never return. We may always have had great memories and we can always smile about them when we think about them. We can enjoy it anytime but one should always live and stay focused in the present. What you do today will always set the tone for tomorrow. It is good to try and live for a better future if we work on it. Looking at tomorrow is more important.

We should always plan and move forward with contentment although it is impossible what tomorrow will bring. Things you can work on today without dwelling on the past may sustain for a better future. It can help fulfill for a possible pleasant outcome later in your life.

Even though our future is so unknown, live every moment every day as best as you can. Look forward where life can lead you. Count every day a true blessing because so many others have it worse.

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