Remember that Change is a Process

Sometimes you want change by helping the person you care for just by seeing the best for them. When you want to approach the topic by trying to help a loved one, by what they struggle with, sometimes you have to know that nothing is ever easy to change at first. It may be risky to give them a hint that you want to help by approaching the subject directly.


However, for a gradual change in a person’s lifestyle,  they may actually agree to upon it, to take the next  step especially when discussed by motivational  friends or a loved one. It’s important to remember  that change is a process. People may take a positive  step in wanting to change further what they go  through when they hear positive advice which is  encouraging. Encouragement is so important.

When there’s the chance that he or she agrees to make the change, the both of you should keep at it. Never get put off by expecting that maybe within a short time of trying, if there are no results that you should automatically give up. Help by making the change work. Arrange ways you can do things together in a much more positive way. For example, you can say, I need advice on arranging my schedule so I can get to here or there more often. Ask if they can assist by going with you. That can be a good option. Keep doing your part where your influences can rub off on him or her. Work with planning on doing something motivational together, maybe on weekends or days which it may work out for the both of you, like jogging, or going to the gym. It’s a good way to keep their mind off the very problems that they may struggle with.

Any addictions that a person has like junk food or even smoking that they crave for; get rid of it by removing them when they are around you. This may help because the less temptation they would see, the better it is for the person. It is setting ways where their motivation can continue to grow. Continue to offer ways when their temptations hit by offering other things with them instead. If they are addicted by wanting that excessive amount of caffeine, ask them if they want something to drink like a glass of water in its place. If they are a smoker, try to get them to go for a walk with you around the block. Getting them to try healthy habits can be encouraging. It helps to distract a person you are trying to assist from the situations that set off their addiction.

At times, you may feel like there is only a limited amount of ways by what you can try and do. Keep going!

Although these motivations would not help everyone, remember change is a process, not a fast one. You never know what difference a process can make.

Man learns through experience, and the spiritual path is full of different kinds of experiences. He will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and they are the very experiences he needs to encourage and complete the cleansing process. – Sai Baba

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