Don’t Stress Over the Little Things

We may all, at times, dwell over the littlest things thinking that if I do not do this correctly, it will occur worst for me.

For example, you wake up in the morning, making a huge pot of coffee and breakfast for your family who may have stayed over the night before. But you fear, if you do not make it the way you think how they may like it, the taste will be ruined or you will fall behind schedule by any plans you may have made with them later that day. So you stress that you have to be very careful to avoid any fear of criticism.

If you are worried that a friend has promised you to go with you to a concert but you stress that maybe at the last minute he or she will back out so you will have no one else to go with. You then have the mentality you will not speak to that friend for a long time if they do not go with you because there is no backup plan.

The point is; we need to examine ourselves when we are stressed in general.


We all stress about many things just about every day  even over the littlest things, but how many of them  come out to be un-important? We need to learn to  think about the real important things in our lives.

True, we all want to live every day the stress free  mentality “in the now”.

What are the things you dwell over unnecessary? Is it the stress that even though you may have enough money to live well with your family that it is still not enough so you wish you had ten million dollars instead? Is it the stress that you do not have enough time in the day to play with the things that give you enjoyment? Or is it the stress that if you do not buy that one important item for your loved one, he or she will put you down?

In life, we need to be aware how many of our unnecessary stresses can really be avoided if we try and live our lives just by contentment.

So be aware when you think of the littlest things you may stress over that are not important. Think about the stressful things that many people go through which can occur very abruptly without their control. In reality, there is always someone that goes through many stressful hardships that they cannot get over compared to the little stresses that many of us live through and are seen like a grain of salt.

Work on things that are important while not focusing on the unnecessary ones.

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