Staying Home for Christmas

Staying home for Christmas can be a blessing and a beautiful experience, however it can also have its ups and downs.


There are so many of us who do not look forward being agitated arguing with the in-laws. So many of us go overboard making sure the house is decorated nicely and everyone can receive that “satisfying” gift without complaint. For others it’s either traveling somewhere fun for a nice deserved getaway or you stay home.

If you make the commitment to stay at home, you have to play host, which can be trying at times. If so, why not do something creative for the family and the in-laws?


  1. Get the family involved doing a standard game that everyone can enjoy rather than being bored? Try a fun game like “Apples to Apples”.
  2. During the evening, either before or after the Christmas meal, get out of the house and enjoy the annual Christmas lights where you may live.
  3. Are most everyone on Christmas tired of watching the same Christmas DVD movies or on Netflix? Try and see a holiday show in a local town.
  4. Depending where you live and if you have a good amount of snow, build that fun looking snowman. Take some pictures and create your own holiday Christmas cards from your computer that you all can share together.
  5. Yes, nothing is fully complete without making those tasty Christmas cookies. Try something different, like getting together and make a simple, but fun sugar cookie decoration that everyone can contribute to.

Wherever you plan to stay home this Christmas, be sure to make the most of it! Happy holidays to all!

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