Are You Stuck In the Past? Or Are You Eager About the Future?

Are you living in the past, present or the “unknown” future?


So many of us are so focused about what occurred  in the past. Our mistakes or regrets from our past  actions, let the memory just bring us down. We  wish we could take them back, but we still let a  once unpleasant experience and many others  come crashing in our minds. Then a domino effect  wrecks our train of thoughts. What has happened  cannot be erased. We then get stuck being bitter of the yesterday.

Many of us are also so anxious about our future. While we can only live in the present, we spend too much time being worried and depressed about things that has not happened yet. We are so absorbed in the mentality of the “what if” questions that we forget about what should I do “now” questions. Tomorrow is the “unknown”.

To have a better tomorrow is to have a better today. Our course of actions today will greatly affect our future, either pleasant or corrupt. Never waste the opportunity to improve your tomorrow if you do not focus being ready how you manage your today.

Always live life in the present. Remember, the past is over and the future is not yet cracked. To forget about the past and having a hopeful future will decide on what you are doing right now. Try to live and take each day in life “one step at a time”.If you waste the present moment by dwelling about the past or being concerned about the future, you can end up feeling lost today.

Today is your tomorrow’s yesterday. It will soon only be a memory. The way you live today will determine how you make your tomorrow better or even unpleasant. Just live this moment while it lasts, the best way you can. Learn how you can make “today” an enjoyable one. The choice is yours.

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Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed. – Wayne Dyer


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