Are You Stuck Between A Rock & A Hard Place?

There are so many of us, at times, when we feel that we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Meaning that either way you are currently in a mess and you are not doing well. Many feel that way due to poor decisions or a situation where you meant well trying to help that someone but with good intensions, things backfired on you.


Have you ever found yourself stuck with stiff  decisions? When everything first is on track and  you run into a roadblock, often it is an  inconsistency that gets you stuck.

In life, we, at times, deal with this unintentionally.  Many may need to plan things (even while taking  risks) very carefully. Often times in life there are many things that just pop up unexpectedly. We do not like when things change out of the blue.

When you are stuck between a rock and a hard place how do you handle a stir in a moment situation when you are in a mess? It is best to never overreact immediately although our human instinct does the reverse. It is great to think and talk things through, if possible and first see the situation for what it is, and then work to where it leads you. Overreacting usually makes things worse. It is not always easy because it does not work for everyone, but one should try.

Could it be that certain experiences may happen for a reason which can eventually help teach us along the way when we go through a different direction? We in life need to learn from experience. Learn from the experience first without overacting right away. If we do, good outcomes can always come out of a negative one.

Think things through and always try to solve the situation you may be in with the intensions without looking at it immediately with harsh judgment. Most things in life take time and learning can help make situations change. Never want or expect things to change in a flash. You would always need the proper steps when you are in a bad situation to try and work it out even if you need assistance. Trying one’s best to change the situation with a possible solution when needed can be a good thing when we then see it through a positive standpoint. All we need is time and patience.

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