When Temptations Hit

How do we control our temptations? We all have them in various situations everyday. For example, things that we crave for, like desserts. For a certain length of time, after a meal or right before bed, your cravings set in. Then shortly after or the next day, you feel guilty that you should have tried harder by not eating it. You did what you know is the opposite side of doing what’s good for yourself.

temptationPWhen you excersise on a daily basis, one day you may not  feel well but your tempted to still go ahead because you do not want to miss a beat. The point being is you have to acknowledge your weakness. A realistic perception of one’s understanding for self-control is one of the best ways to go about it.

Your temptations is to do better and try being more motivational by how you go about handling them. You may say, I don’t have the willpower and I can’t live without this or that. Don’t fall into that trap. How can you be strong while trying your best to do better with the tempations that you may struggle with? What’s a good way to plan? Have that urge to block it. Setting up a roadblock between yourself and temptation might include not letting people who lure you off your path when you are trying. A friend or even a family member who may lack poor self-control makes people give into the tempatation when their trying to work so hard not to keep doing them. That even goes with imagery and things that we live for everyday. When temptations start, do not be around negative influences. Stay and stick with positive ones. As soon as a temptation you crave sets in, think immediately of something else.

Having motivation in disciplining your self. Set those goals that you can work with just by working on ways that you can keep your mind off of when they hit can be a big plus. There are many few people who do not prepare what they should set their goals to. Keep your mind focused on never letting go of your goals by being aware when your tempations hit you. As long as you train yourself and continue to do better, you tempations will be much better.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

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