The Anti-Bullying message

Being bullied comes from so many various ways.


Bullying is a very real, very common, and very traumatic for everyone. It’s not a problem that is local to any one place. The scary  fact is that it’s everywhere. Look around, from our schools to sports, to online chats and anywhere you seem to look.

Bullying has changed in so many ways over the years and it is only getting worse.

Years back, when someone was being bullied in school, you could settle your differences in the schoolyard, and returning home  was your safe retreat. For today’s generation, things are different. They have no way to escape.

1. Cyber-bullying is so widespread. Even though kids today might be able to turn off their cell phone, or a computer, the hate is still there as soon as they turn it back on. Videos and pictures from their phones are recorded and posted online to show their hate.
2. Verbal and physical abuse is 100 times vicious than it was back then. Suicide rates are up.
3. Gangs, not just in school, but in parks and our streets team up and fighting back is harder to get away from.

We need to help stop bullying where it beings. That is why communicating with one another before it gets out of hand is so important. Never ignore!

What are the benefits of working together?

Bullying doesn’t happen only at school. So many people inside their community can use their unique strengths and talents to prevent bullying wherever it occurs.

For example, youth sports groups are expanding to help spread the message to prevent bullying. In schools, many kids help to stop gangs from getting worse when they see that certain someone being attacked. Many businesses help volunteer by making t-shirts with bullying prevention messages for an event. Hearing anti-bullying messages aloud from adults to young kids in their lives can reinforce the important message that bullying is not only offensive but a need to help join the message that bullying needs to end now.

The point is; I was once bullied when I was a kid and I consider myself blessed that I have overcome it. I just wanted to send this message to anyone out there to help spread the word and take a stand on bullying today. Anyone can help. Bullying is the act of weakness, not an act of power.

“Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” – Robert Frost


#KillTheSilence #StopBullying

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