The Storms That We Face

In life, we all go through storms that occur at times that we least expect. Some are severe and some come upon us very quickly for no reason that we need or want. I’m not talking about storms by nature, but the ones we may experience in our own lives. Day by day, we may go through life with trials that we automatically think there is no hope or way out around them. When they are forceful, at times, we may all retaliate negatively; saying or doing things that we regret without thinking about our own actions when they ruin what may be occurring by us.
The Storms That We FaceThe common question people may say is “why do storms we face need to occur so abruptly at times”? All we see and get out of it are feeling gloom, sadness, and anger. This question can be the reminder of how the impact of our world keeps a negative effect on us. Obviously, we are creatures living in a world as a non perfect race. It’s easy to get caught up by the storms in the current world that we live in. Most of us endure the endless storms by the pressure when there are constantly negative things being tossed about even when certain ones do not have to happen. We are too impacted trying to live our lives with greed, the anxiety of what will happen tomorrow, and possessions that do not last forever. Life should be experienced through a sense of positive ambiance and development. The point being; the world how we as humans, live our lives, has been corrupted for the wrong reasons mostly by those natural storms that we are so bombarded by. We are too consumed by things we take for granted. The pressure that the world we live in gives us many of these situations.
How easy is it to give in to our storms at times? Not too hard, is it? It feels as though there’s no time in the day to think clear of the positive things that people should have at times. The storms we may face, we just hope and wait for it to be over, but what about looking past the storms in a more passionate way?
With life’s ups and downs, you don’t have all of the answers that you may want as life is too short. Sometimes you’re left with little time to recognize, consider, and learn about the positive things we should experience living on Earth even when storms erupt. For many, it is virtually impossible to understand. We do live our lives mostly for ourselves but that shouldn’t be the case.
With all of the negative things we experience, it gets harder and harder to have that inner sense of peace that life is all about things we do not need to always fight over. In reality, we can never take all the things that we live for when we die. So what is important in life? It should be reminded that there can and should be peace and humility that human kind should regain a focus on with one another as long as we are here. The time we are spent on Earth may be short but we all need, (even through our storms) is to keep moving forward to teach ourselves and for others in the future what really matters rather than the ones that we currently face.


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