Is The Universe Just a Hologram? Maybe! Maybe Not!

Are we living in a Hologram? Quite possibly! But you would need to look at it either way to judge for yourself. Physicists believe our universe could just be a projection of another cosmos. Holographic theory claims gravity comes from thin, vibrating strings.


How our universe is a hologram was proposed in 1997  by theoretical physicist Juan Maldacena. He says that  gravity is the result of vanishingly small, vibrating  strings that that exist in nine dimensions of space and  one of time.

Since it is speculated that gravity in the universe  comes from thin, vibrating strings, these strings are  holograms of events that take place in other cosmos.

If that were proven, then the universe would essentially be a hologram a flat plain of cosmos without gravity.

Theory suggests that all we experience is nothing but a holographic projection of processes taking place on some distant surface that surrounds us. When you squeeze your arm or kick a ball what you feel will be real, but it mirrors a parallel process taking place in a different, remote reality. That may seem far-fetched in theory or reality.

The idea of the universe existing as a ‘hologram’ does not refer to an illusion similar to the Matrix, but the theory that the three dimensions we perceive are actually just covered onto the boundary of the known universe.

Our reality may take place on a distant border line surface, while everything we witness in relating to ability in perceiving relations in space dimensions is a projection of that faraway display. So “reality” may be like a “holographic movie.”

Even Einstein’s theory of the universe helps explain some inconsistencies between general relativity and quantum physics. For instance, when one visualizes the middle of a black hole an object in which time and space both collapse, the theories have been competing each other and generally hardly viewed as a comparison. The existence of black holes in which space and time are deformed in such a way that nothing can escape it, even light. In one, he measures the internal energy of a black hole, in particular, the place where the hole meets the universe, otherwise known as the ‘event horizon’. He measures the activity of its visible properties (made up of visible particles) based on string theory and the effects of virtual particles, which at times appear and then disappear.

If this theory that our universe is just a hologram is correct, then there are physical processes taking place on some distant surface that, much like as a puppet has his strings pulled. They are fully linked to the processes taking place, like your brain, just as you may be reading this right now or when you are taking a walk.

So, what you may perceive as “reality” might actually be something different.

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