A Way to Release the Titan Within You

We can ask ourselves these questions; “Do I look down on myself”? Do I have the ambition to stand out among my friends?

A man’s life is not complete until he realizes his main purpose of living. What do you see in yourself?

What is the main purpose of your living? There’s one thing deposited in you that makes you different from others. Until you realize that one thing, you will not be able to fulfill your intention.

It is important to never settle for people’s outlook of you. A problem many of us go through is the inability to see beyond the level of our circumstances, which results to low self-assurance, affecting the way we see ourselves.

Do not be concerned about the way others picture you.

A good thing to train yourself is how you see yourself; means everything.

However, if you see yourself to fail, you will. But, if you see yourself to succeed; you eventually will. Its’ all about filling your attitude positivity that will make you see yourself as nothing but the greatest that you are.

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