What did you say “No To” in the past that you now regret?

What did you say “No To” in the past that you now regret? We all have at least one too many. How could you fix them? The obvious answer is that you may never be able to but we can learn from them. Despite our mistakes, we, hope to never duplicate the same thing over and over again, although we usually still mess up at times. However, you have to know how to handle your regrets despite the fact that the past cannot be changed.

no regrets1. If you regret saying something awhile back and just wish you can reverse that one particular error, never live your life trying to  receive other people’s approval to make yourself feel unapologetic. You will never feel free and truly happy.

2. Never rely on other people’s approval to help make up just to “brush off” that regret because what you are basically saying is  “Their opinion of me to help ”make up” that regret that I have made is more important than my opinion about myself.”

It’s okay to make mistakes—nobody is perfect, and everybody says and does things that they regret; we are all human. It never  hurts to trying hard to be patient just before we speak. Words really do speak volumes.

Your problems “do not” characterize you. Always be willing to love others, be gracious, be patient, and grow as a person.

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