What is A Healthy Perspective?

Everyone experiences problems at one point to another. The way in which people respond to their troubles can change greatly.  Take the example of two drivers, each of whom gets a dead battery on the way to work.  The first driver’s entire day is ruined.  He mumbles to himself about his terrible luck for hours, spreading blame wherever he can and accomplishing very little at his job.  The other driver, however, treats the dead battery as a minor difficulty.  It needs to be replaced and quickly moves on, proceeding to have an enjoyable, positive day.

Each person encountered the exact same problem.  So, why did one driver get so upset while the other handled the situation smoothly?  What separates them is their perspective.

Too many people blow their problems way out of proportion, devoting valuable rational energy to situations which are not the end of the world. Virtually all of us will fall into this trap at times, but those who spend the least amount of time obsessing on unimportant circumstances are likely to accomplish far more, and be happier in the process!

Look at your problem in the situation of your entire life. You should ask yourself; “How important is this difficulty in the overall scheme of things?”  Let’s say you have a leak in your shower. It will not drastically affect the rest of your life.  Or, let’s say a job offer you were hoping to get into falls through.  Of course, you’re disappointed, but it isn’t the end of the world.  The key is to see the problem for what it is, and not let it take over your thinking for an entire day or month.

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