What is your Art of Reflection?

There may be times when you will want to choose a quiet, peaceful time and a place for you to be alone to clear your thoughts. Many people find it helpful to sit down somewhere, where it is quiet and write down their thoughts and feelings when they are reflecting. If writing is a project that you enjoy, it is always recommended to keep a journal or a notepad to record your inner discoveries.


Other people may find it more comfortable if they practice meditation or even going for a long peaceful walk somewhere which can help clear one’s mind.

Once you are in that state-of-mind, set your thoughts free. Let your inner thoughts give you a sense of direction.  That sense of direction can take you to a new one. Lastly, trust yourself, but being true to yourself is the key. The art of reflection is that it won’t guide you in a wrong direction. It gives you perhaps the most honest and clear guidance you will ever have.

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