What Does True Happiness Mean to You

I’m sure we, at times, think about this very subject. What brings you true happiness? Most people would say that all I need is having enough money that I could ever have to last me the rest of my life and then I’d be happy. In reality, having all the money to last you your entire life would help problems, but will that make you truly happy? What about traveling the entire world or even being able to live in the most glamorous place on Earth? It is nice to think about it. Let’s be honest! The sad part about some of those things we all wish for is that anything your felt needs and desires would never lie in true happiness. Sometimes your felt needs may not  necessarily create you happiness.happy

Just think about this for a moment. Regardless,  whatever drives our motives like, work, money,  travel, or even self-image it all reflects how we live  in a self-centered driven world? We mostly all want  things for ourselves that we try too hard thinking it  can keep us contented. We want more and more.  Due to how our world has an effect on us, anything you may first ever think of to gain would mostly come out of selfish reasons despite your sense of what you believe happiness means to you.

Many times I can think about oh, my life would be so much better if I had that high paying dream job that I have always wanted, having the perfect family, or living on a luxury island. If I could just do this or that I’ll be happy. What’s the point on dwelling on those things all the time? Even if you are the kind of person who is not selfish at all, your first instinct could very well be that without thinking on selfish desires immediately? It just goes to show how much of an impact our first thoughts can be.

Even if you had the opportunity to never worry about anything, could your current state-of-mind keep you happy?

In reality, the point to think about is it’s just that nothing that we ever do in life, over selfish  desires, or despite good intensions, (free will to do it or not) would never give us true  happiness. Nothing what you do or treasure, you would not be able to hold on to them forever.

So first be happy being the person you are. Accept your personality by being contented with  your understanding what ultimate happiness can first teach you just by being happy with  yourself and being grateful for what you may already have no matter how many things in life  this world may throw at you.

Since we are only here for a short amount of time, think about the ability within you, to help make a difference in this self-centered world. What could you contribute by trying to make this world a better place? Maybe that opportunity in your life by doing what you can to help this world would give you a sense of happiness for the amount of time you are placed here. You never know what a difference a day can make.

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