What’s Inside Your DNA Can Be for a Purpose

Who says your life could actually be preordained? What’s inside your DNA helps shape the talents and impressions you possess. We all have some sort of special abilities. Some are born to be a famous movie star, a country singer, a novelist, or a master carpenter. Many can argue, but people have a special talent they are born into no matter if you are tall, short, skinny, or athletic.


People experience things in their lives that help shape  and grow their personality, which in turn, molds them to  do what they may have been designed for, like an  assignment.

Your DNA can be the goals and visions that fire your  heart and flood your soul with joy at the very thought of  dreams you want to succeed in. We have visions what we want to do, how we want to do it, what kind of person we want to become in the process. This may be the very blueprint for who you are. Your dream is that idea, that vision for your life that burns inside of you–something you can’t ignore forever. It is part of who you are.

Whatever talents you possess helps us to fill out a special purpose to teach each other things and to make an impact in life when we realize what our gift represents. If you goal oriented, use them to the best to your ability? Even if you have a talent you can really thrive on, through time and dedication, what ways could you use them to make yourself known?

Many abilities in life that we have may actually happen for a purpose but one has to know their niche to make things work because in many ways, it benefits others, not just ourselves. People do follow others in their footsteps what they love and believe in through our special talents once we use them.

So what kind of lasting mark could you leave behind? The mark you can make in your life can always have a lasting impression just for others to follow you by the trail you leave behind, even if your footprints are for a season or for a lifetime.

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