When We Are Repeating an Unpleasant Past

Without a doubt, at this very moment, that anyone who was not happy with his or her life; would have no desire to do it over again.

unpleasnt past

Truth is, there are many people who actually do repeat their mistakes over again like a cycle thinking while hoping it will make it  work the next time around.

Whatever failed the first time, or the second, it is repeatedly redone. We think after going through that next door that will be the  answer. It can be problems that they may face which bothers them the most, like a previous failed marriage, buying that next  house, or even a failed business investment instead of trying to do something new and fresh.

Many people may think, “I want to turn back the clock and start over.” However, they are not giving any quality thought to what they are doing. They are not analyzing their affairs and making a conscious decision to make changes where changes are necessary. Change is important but patience is a virtue.

The point is; we need to understand our past and know what we did wrong. But we should never allow ourselves to repeat it!

At some point during the journey in our lives, we need to get over the reason for repeating the past. We need to get in touch with it and learn to overcome it so that we can change our course and discover a better future continually going forward while not trying to take a step backwards.

There will always be days where we have made unnecessary mistakes and ridiculous decisions. But we need to gain knowledge today of the driving force that causes us to subconsciously have a desire to repeat an unpleasant past experience. Make that conscious decision to start something new today and stick with it.

We are not going to make changes unless we stop revisiting the old paths and start enjoying life as much as we can. Going on new paths always make change.




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