Which One Should I First Publish? Regular Book vs. eBook

It is no secret that publishing a book just before getting it ready before releasing a hardcover book was an expensive format. Years later, it became much easier now with an eBook and self-publishing. Many self-published authors today are determined to format and release their work themselves. However the question many still ask today should a printed book be; published before an eBook (electronic book) or vise-versa?


Believe it o not, the true answer to that question is it is entirely up to you. But both, is the true answer. A huge factor you need to  ask yourself first is, how big is my book by the amount of pages and your targeted audience? The publishing order doesn’t really  matter too much today thanks to our advance technology. So many people are in the “now” today mentality and many prefer to  read tablets, ipads, Kindles, and iphones more than the paperback or hardcover. Some readers are solely just into eBooks. They  are small, lightweight and their books can be downloaded in seconds. To be honest, who wouldn’t want to save time and money  when you only need to download books and consume them on a Kindle, iPad, your phone, or other handheld devices? Other readers still have no problem and prefer to read a physical book in their hands.

However, the process of self-publishing an eBook and a print book is slightly different. The good thing is despite the self-publishing process, it is very easy to do today due to many online services that are available online.

When you are ready getting your project on an eBook ready or regular book for self-publication, your completed manuscript must be formatted in a readable format, usually in Microsoft word, .pdf, or html. Services like Createspace and Lulu provides an excellent eBook conversion tool for non-technical authors. Createspace does both with various options for you to choose. They will help do it for you in a much friendly (and fun) way. You can find ways through them to help even market your book.

Always make sure the editing and other final formats are looked over very carefully and thoroughly. It is possible to have your eBook or physical book published within a month or more. With great keywords, price and an excellent book description, many customers who like paperback or eBook will be contented and many others will follow.

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