Being a Better You Is a Real Reality

Today, our culture influences us on various levels. Whatever they try to sell or promote, it can be geared to make ourselves; “better than others” mentality.

A popular myth on the subject is that the improved version of yourself means always performing bigger and better than others; and doing it frequently. However, the fact is that this kind of misunderstandings are more of a drawback than anything else.

Anyone who are influenced by the latest trends that are sold on the current market which can claim that if you do this or that you will have an excessive drive to always be the best in everything over everyone else.

However, being a better you should come from “you” within, but not the “you against everything else that the world throws at you”.

Instead of competing with others and constantly comparing yourself to them, you should try to learn from them. It’s easy to forget this when you’re faced with a challenge, but work on that challenge today that you are facing by being true to yourself.

Arthur’s inspirational transformation video

authurddp This is such a very inspirational motivational  video that I wanted to share. We can learn when  we never give up.

Arthur Boorman was a disabled veteran of the Gulf War for fifteen years and was told by his doctor that he would never be able to walk again. He, at first believed them as his weight gained to 297 pounds. He at first, wasn’t sure if he could still try, but he was determined. Arthur fell down many times, but he kept on going.

But, at 47 years old, the discouraged veteran discovered yoga in a newspaper article about DDP yoga.

As presented in this video, the yoga workout helped Arthur Boorman trim off 140 pounds in ten months. He then gained a new life.

Check out this incredibly inspiring video which shows Arthur’s amazing transformation getting him back up.

After watching this video, just like Arthur, don’t place limits on what you are capable of doing, because you often do not know your own potentials. Always believe in yourself and you too, can succeed. This is truly inspirational! This is why we should never give up!

How often do you give up in life when all things just seem to be lost? Always work hard towards your goals despite adversity and see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can do almost anything once you set your mind to it.  #nevergiveup  #thingsgetbetter