Fast Paced World We Live In

It can be very important at times if you are able to stop and think just to escape for a few moments about our everyday life’s routines. It does not matter if you are at home, traveling to various places to meet your destinations, or even your daily routine like a job and so on? […]

The Storms That We Face

In life, we all go through storms that occur at times that we least expect. Some are severe and some come upon us very quickly for no reason that we need or want. I’m not talking about storms by nature, but the ones we may experience in our own lives. Day by day, we may […]

Don’t Worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is one everyday situation has affects everyone on a daily basis. It is the popular concept of worry. Everyone experiences worry in life and of course it impacts us in all very differently. Since everyone experiences worry in different ways, it is hard to deal with it on a daily basis. In most cases […]

Self-Help book for individuals with disabilities.

cerebral palsy spastic hemiparesis book online on (

  What is Spastic Hemiplegia/Hemiparesis? It is a type of cerebral palsy. Spastic Hemiplegia affects the entire one side of the body with the lack of use, and is normally identified within the arm and leg. This is NOT a progressive disorder. The term Hemi means half and plegia means paralysis. However, for Hemiparesis, Paresis means […]

Botox Injection Treatments for Dystonia

For years I always had muscle spasms in my right arm. It was very difficult for me to have comfort even with proper physical therapy. The reason for this was because I have a condition called “dystonia”. There were so many times my muscles used to seize up on me. Dystonia by definition is a […]

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