Every Experience is An Opportunity to Learn and Grow

There were people over the years whom I came across where, through them, certain situations, inadvertently altered my life in a better direction by giving myself new opportunities that I learned. Through them, over time, I learned new things which I grew and improved certain skills which I thought I already has a good handle […]

Keeping Yourself Motivated

At times, we need to find new ways to keep ourselves motivated but how many of us want change to our regular routines? Day after day, we are used to doing our daily activities, but it comes to a point where a change to them can help improve our motivation that can help change our […]

The Gift of Giving

As the Christmas season, has drawn to a close, how many of us remembered “the true gift of giving”? How many of us feel the need to go overboard spending on things to make others feel more appreciated while feeling obligated to give more just to feel self-important without the stress from others? It happens […]

Reconnect Yourself With An Open View

Travelling can deepen your connection to yourself and where you come from, by reminding you of how small yet incredible one’s life is in this world.  When you stand on a mountain, or even on an open plain field, the entire world broadens before you. There seems to be no end in sight on what […]

Limitations in your Life

We all have limitations in our lives. Whatever limitations that you may find challenging the most, how many people may actually believe we can use them for a better use? Yes, that is possible. When you think of the limitation in your life, you may be tempted to conclude saying, “God could never use me.” […]

What is your Art of Reflection?

There may be times when you will want to choose a quiet, peaceful time and a place for you to be alone to clear your thoughts. Many people find it helpful to sit down somewhere, where it is quiet and write down their thoughts and feelings when they are reflecting. If writing is a project […]

Experiencing Negril, Jamaica

I had an opportunity to go to Negril, Jamaica a few weeks ago. I stayed in the RIU hotel in Negril. It is very relaxing hotel with entertainment, a beach, 2 pools, kayaking, great tasting buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and other things. The resort town of Negril, Jamaica is a very popular tourist […]

7 Steps How to Stop Unhappiness

Perhaps you have days that you feel like every time you try hard, climbing the ladder getting closer to reach your goal, an event of some kind occurs that takes away your climb to success. We think we know what we’re doing and where we’re going and how to get there only to realize that […]

Your Guide to Naturally Healing Your Body

There are times where many of us take prescription drugs, painkillers, and antidepressants, with the combination eating unhealthy diets. From that standpoint, it is obvious that we get sick or develop medical conditions. If we do not feel well, the quick answer is taking a quick pill with water to help solve our problem temporary. […]

5 Habits That Can Keep You Young

Many people like to stay and feel young but may end up not knowing how to do it properly. If so, good and positive habits can be formed. Try these 5 habits that you may be able to keep you young and happy. YOU NEED MORE SLEEP There are many people who feel they don’t […]

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